I am a choreographer and video artist jumping between New York and California. 

Typical of most work, although not always at the forefront of it, my process is largely just the solving of puzzles about space and time, done from a specific aesthetic viewpoint. I create minimal video scapes of texture and color, and form based experimental dance works. 

I have a desire to morph choreographic thinking into video art and create installational spaces that complicate that desire.

To that end, I have recently been creating layers of a video process that mirror the layers involved in a physical choreographic process. Starting with images I have filmed, which are more likely than not blurred, or extremely close up, or captured in some way that alters the objects original identity, I then process them through an editing phase, where that original object becomes even more obscured, by time, size, color, placement in the frame, or even by cropping most of the image and using only a tiny piece of the original shape. It is all found within the process, none of it pre-conceptualized. Then I will project that second edited iteration, often layering in a second or third projection, sometimes a live feed camera, sometimes an external light source. And anything captured there, will again become distorted, altered, and new, in a second digital editing process. Sometimes this results in complex layers, and sometimes in only a simple line. 

After getting out of school - The University of North Carolina School of the Arts for High School and the Ohio State University for college - I moved to New York. Since here, Kathryn Logan and I started Logan Company, working in live dance-ish performance and movement on camera. In San Diego, I work as a camera person and editor, on my own video installation work, and with a group of artists cultivating a new practice in ensemble improvisation. 

I have lots of schemes for the kind of art I would create if I had money, but find it hard to start at the beginning. I have all these ideas for impossible, large scale projects, such as a many sided building where each audience member could have their own private entrance to the performance. Once inside their private door, they would walk down a private hallway, with private music, and stand in a private viewing platform, allowing a completely isolated and individual experience of a show. A show designed and created for that type of experience. How fun would THAT be to conceptualize?

I have a desire to see dance analyzed in new ways that are not attached to the presence of dance "moves",  or need it to fit a recognizable mold of what dance has been historically. 

 I am currently creating an installational video accompaniment to a new work by composer Anthony Vine. 

I am currently creating a new piece of work with co-director/choreographer Kathryn Logan.